Classes and Offerings


Using the Intentional Creativity® method, classes are designed to invite students into a deeper connection with themselves and their own inner wisdom. No experience necessary!

New classes (in person and online) coming soon!

Please contact me for individual sessions. We can explore together how creativity can support you on your journey.

“Lisa’s workshops are a treasure. They are so much more than putting paint on an empty canvas. Lisa provides an exploration of your heart and soul. With each step allowing you to release traumas, grief, pain and celebrate your inner joys, wonder and dreams. The work she facilitates is powerful and so needed. I couldn’t recommend experiencing one of her workshops enough! It will challenge and inspire you to dig deeper into the amazing pieces of you!” - Michelle



“I bought tickets to one of Lisa’s workshops for me and my friend as a birthday gift and it was such a lovely experience. Every aspect of the workshop felt very intentional and Lisa did such an incredible job at creating a really safe space for all of us to be expressive, to play, and to use our art as a way to heal and grow. I left with a painting that I infused with lots of meaning and a very full heart and my friend said it was one of her favorite birthday gifts she had ever received. If you’re thinking about signing up for a workshop with Lisa, I would absolutely recommend doing it!” - Ashley