Intentional creativity is a path to accessing the within – the language of the heart. ~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Founder of Intentional Creativity™ 

Much like meditation or yoga, Intentional Creativity™ is a sacred practice that deepens the connection between heart and soul and helps you be more of your authentic self in the world; thus creating a life you truly desire.

In our work together, you will set intentions to gain more clarity, release old stories that no longer serve, and claim new ways of being for yourself and your life.

Using color, language, and symbol, you paint an image that contains your desire and readiness for something new.


Intentional Creativity™ is a way to practice freedom and a deepening into love for yourself and your life. It’s a subtle yet powerful process where intention moves energy, creating space for something new to happen. 

As you risk on the canvas, you may take bigger risks in your life. As you apply self-love, where you once criticized yourself, you may find you have more energy and enthusiasm for creating a life that you love and enjoy living.

The more time you spend risking, loving, and feeling free, the more you may notice feeling that way naturally and organically in your life.

And not only that, you get to paint and use glitter! What could be better? In addition to this being deep work, this is also wonderful play-time for your inner child.

You’ll know this work is for you if your soul is shouting a big “yes!” right now.

This practice is truly for anyone and there is absolutely no experience needed. In fact, the less the better.

I can’t wait to dive deep and paint with you in this truly soulful and nourishing practice.

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