People often ask me, “ Are you just going to paint women?”

Yes, for now I just paint women.

I think it’s a funny question considering women have been muses of art and beauty since the beginning of time and still are today. Women are not the subject of my paintings in that same sense, however.

Each painting reflects a personal journey I take with myself to connect more deeply with the creative spark within – finding guidance, healing and insight.

I paint using the Color of Woman™ method  as developed by artist and teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. This process is a healing modality that many are now using as a way to heal and transform the wounded stories we carry within so we can live more empowered lives.

The women I paint are women between worlds. They are of the Earth and of another world. A world where birds and butterflies whisper softly, seashells sing, fish swim in hair, stars sparkle and rivers flow from broken hearts.

Most women I know operate in more than one world. There is daily life and then there is the inner realm; a place of insight and vision.

This is an important place for women to spend time in; transformation, healing, wisdom and insight are available here.

It is my hope that my paintings invite other women to go to this place, to honor the place within themselves that needs tending, attention and care… and to remember the beautiful, alive, visionary woman within.