How do you follow your heart? What would your life look like if you did? These are the primary questions that have informed and guided Lisa for as long as she can remember.

Lisa Severino is an artist, teacher and coach who uses a unique creative process that helps clients gain insight, heal old stories, establish a deeper connection with themselves and learn to follow their hearts.

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She wholeheartedly believes, and knows from extensive experience, that the Intentional Creativity™ method is a powerful tool to heal the stuck and unhappy places within us.

The emotional and physical pain of playing it safe for too long sent Lisa on her own healing journey twenty years ago. This journey brought her to ashrams on mountain tops, sweaty yoga classes, intense self-help retreats and healers of all kinds.

Through all of this, however, creative self-expression was the key to her healing and restored aliveness. In 2013, she began practicing and studying Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Intentional Creativity™ method. After an intensive training process she became a certified teacher through Shiloh’s Color of Woman™ program.

Lisa’s extensive background in spiritual and personal growth has made her very sensitive to the journey that each of our souls are on and she makes it her primary focus to create a loving, nurturing, supportive space where clients and students feel seen and held wherever they are on their journey.

Her specialty is working with women who are ready to heal, let go, express themselves and create a life that is more in alignment with who they truly are.