sacred space

Creating Sacred Space

I’m cleaning out the studio today… where I paint is also my sacred space.

My fiancé thinks lightning candles and this kind of thing is a little mumbo-jumbo, and maybe it is, but I believe each of us has to create space for the sacred, however we define it.

Joseph Campbell said, “your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” Why is it important to be able to “find ourselves?” Because if we don’t we might end up creating a life we don’t like that much.

Life is a struggle for everyone in some way. But it’s so much more of a struggle when we don’t have access to our own internal compass, our own North Star.

All it takes is a few quiet moments and a sincere desire to check in with yourself and answers often come quite easily.

For me, I like outward displays of meaning, objects and symbols that remind me. Maybe it’s because I was raised Catholic.

The jar of honey represents the sweetness of life. A reminder to appreciate all the goodness and not to be afraid to get stung by taking risks.

The lady with the moon under her feet reminds me that I don’t have to do it all by myself.


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