Delighting in Color



What does your Artist Self want you to know? What does she have to tell you?

How do you relate to your inner artist? How do you relate to the word Artist? What does it mean to be one?

These are questions I’m thinking about today while painting my Artist Self… making space for her to show up and listen for what she has to say.

I practice and teach a sacred painting practice called Intentional Creativity. Here, I’m using the method to gain deeper insight into myself as an artist… to release old ideas that may keep me stuck or limited in how I relate to my creative power.

As I paint, I listen. She tells me what colors she wants, what lines she likes, what symbols she wants in the painting and I get information that I didn’t have before.

She isn’t finished yet, but while painting today she said this:

“Being an artist is more than a right or a privilege or something your earn. This has nothing to do with worthiness… you get to say who you’re going to be in this life. It’s up to you. Regardless of what others think or their definition of things. You don’t need to fight for it, being an artist… there’s nothing to prove. Just Be. You’re already everything you want to be… you already are.”

Has your Artist Self been trying to tell you something lately? Does she bug you with ideas before you wake in the morning or nag at you throughout the day? Pay attention to her… She has secrets to tell you.



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