“Aim beyond what you are capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end. Try to do things that you’re incapable of… If you think you’re incapable of running a company, make that your aim… Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible.” – Paul ArdenVisionary

I have a hard time aiming beyond what I think I’m capable of AND I don’t like being bad at things! Can you relate?

I’ve discovered that life, however, gets too painful when I don’t aim and I don’t try. If I’m not riding the edge of my comfort zone I get kind of down, feel stuck, and even a little depressed. It’s life’s way of pushing me to be more… more than I think I can be.

Pain pushes until I’m willing to step out and try.

I’m forced to trust taking action. Trust that it will lead me towards my vision, even if the way seems to make no sense at all.

I see clearly where I want to end up, and yet… life might have a different idea of where it wants to take me altogether.

Am I OK with this? I’m not sure… would you be?

Do you think there is a bigger vision for your life trying to live through you?

Do you sometimes see it out of the corner of your eye?

Maybe aiming beyond what we think we are capable of is where that vision lies… and is the way it enters our life.

I don’t like the unknown as much as the next person but I’m starting to see that it’s all there is… I can’t really know anything!

I just have to keep doing what I feel called to do each and every day…. especially if it requires me to aim higher than I think I can reach.

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